TPG’s Uhrinek leads SC’s Finest on the Path to Embracing and Addressing Social Media Perils

Throughout the day on Nov. 5, TPG’s Digital President / CIO was busy presenting to the fall conference of the S.C. Law Enforcement Victim Advocates Association (SCLEVA). SCLEVA is a group of professionals trained to support victims of crime and serve in the state’s law enforcement agencies.

Uhrinek’s presentation focused on social media and the perils associated with it, as well as the inability of teens and young adults to filter what, where and when they post. His social media presentation was accredited by the S.C. Office of Victim Services and Education (OVSEC) for VSP credit hours and the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy for CLEE credits.

Uhrinek offered that, “As a tech executive, you don’t tend to see your work out in the public often. However, presenting to this group and seeing the immediate impact on how they interact with social media and how they plan to properly address up-and-coming social platforms for their victims and themselves has been a wonderful experience.”

SCLEVA President Bridget Daly Musteata said, “Michael’s ability to address a difficult subject while not only touching on how to use social media effectively, but make our LEO/LEVAs aware of the abuses/abusers of it, was a wonderful success.”