The Benjamin House Ministries "Unveiling"

The Palladian Group, in association with Benjamin House Ministries, unveiled the documentary “This is Home” at the Upward Star Center in Spartanburg, S.C. on Sept. 24, 2015.

The documentary, a Palladian Productions film, depicts the crushing poverty in Uganda and the orphan care crisis there through the eyes of Benjamin House Ministries Executive Director Bucky Rogers. Benjamin House aims to revolutionize the orphan care system in Uganda, while also working to break the cycle of poverty and anguish that is plaguing the nation’s people.

About 600 people attended the unveiling, with an additional 400 people viewing the event via livestream. Among the banquet’s guests were numerous state and local elected officials, church leaders, and professionals from Spartanburg and the surrounding communities.

Guests experienced a unique evening of Ugandan culture – complete with grass huts, beautiful music and traditional Uganda cuisine. Numerous community volunteers worked tirelessly to make the event a reality.

Over the past several months, The Palladian Group team has helped develop a strategy for Benjamin House’s future success, including filming the documentary and social media development.

To learn more about Benjamin House, visit its website.